Legal Guide to Selling Real Estate Charleston SC

Real Estate Charleston SCThere are many different reasons for selling a home. You might need to change your career, move to a bigger house, downsize the house, retirement, or go travel the world. Whatever the reason for you needing to sell your real estate Charleston SC or anywhere, you want to get the best price and the least hassle with a good legal contract. This article will help you avoid legal pitfalls while you are selling your house. For more information like this see the carolina one place to find your next home by visiting:

Use a Real Estate Agent
You do have the option to represent yourself when selling your own home. There are for sale by owner websites that will help you get listed so the maximum amount of buyers can find your listing. If you want get the maximum exposure, you need to be listed on the Multiple Listing Service. The MLS is used by real estate agents to get the word out to the majority of people. Regardless which way you go, constructing a contract takes some understanding, and having a professional on your side will help you protect yourself through this very complex selling process.

Use an Attorney
You don’t have to use a lawyer to help you sell the house, but it is the best way to help you construct a good legal contract regardless if you use a real estate agent or not. You will want to consult a professional real estate lawyer so any legal questions in connection to the sale of your property are clear. For example, you may be required to disclose certain things about the property under your state law. What do you do if there’s problems with illegal zoning, construction, permit issues? Consulting with a professional real estate attorney will save you money and trouble in the end.

Get (Your Home) Ready to Sell
You’ll get more for your property if you take the time to present it in the best possible light. This includes cleaning the exterior, painting the inside and out, improving the landscaping, and getting rid of trash. It’s important you repair any safety hazards, holes in the sidewalk or loose stairs. This will improve the house value and will protect you from lawsuits. Now that the house is in good condition, be sure that you mention in the contract that the sale is as is. If you have already spent the money to fix issues, make sure it is clear the buyer understands that any future issues are not your responsibility. The buyer has the right to an inspection, it is up to you however how much of those future problems you will or will not address in the contract.

The Asking Price
Though your real estate agent can help set the asking price, you should participate in the process. Your real estate agent is interested in getting the highest price, which equals higher commission. Make sure you protect yourself by choosing a price that is within the fair market value of other homes in your neighborhood but still will yield you a profit. The contract should clearly state this price.